By Dr Will Dean

Aug 18th 2010

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Nkhoma Mountain

Categories: CBM, Malawi

Dr Erik and Dr Naomi De Jong-Vink and baby Fenna Chimwemwe left Nkhoma after 4 years of fantastic work. Naomi was an excellent obstetrician. Erik set up the IT system, and it is thanks to him and his team that we have internet here in rural Malawi! He also worked on the Safe Motherhood programme, and spraying of the villages and hospital for mosquitos which has drastically reduces the incidence of malaria in the area.

On the morning that they went to the airport, Erik wanted to climb Nkhoma mountain one last time. So up at 4:30, four of us made it to the top just after sunrise.

Nkhoma Mountain at dawn

Sunday morning on Nkhoma MountainTheir service will be missed at the hospital, but also Jenn and I will particularly miss Erik and Naomi. It was Naomi that was matchmaker for us in the beginning!

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