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!!! Nepal earthquake (2015-4) – 2015_6 – HIS Sankha Maya (KOSHISH)

Kirsty Smith, Chief Exectuve of CBM UK in Nepal

Nepal EQ_Sankha Maya_KOSHISH: Sankha Maya (38) lives with her husband and two children in a two-storey mud house in a village in Bhaktapur district, about 15 km from capital Kathmandu. Sankha Maya is a client of CBM partner KOSHISH since 2011. She has been living with epilepsy for over 12 years. She was identified through a self-help group in Bhaktapur district.
On 25th April, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake damaged Sankha MayaâÂÂs shelter and caused significant impact on her psychosocial wellbeing. A month after the second major quake on 12th May (of 7.4-magnitude), Sankha Maya still has not been able to return to her daily routine or do the household chores properly.
Here, (from left) Kirsty Smith (CBM ERU) and Leela Khanal (Psychologist, KOSHISH) speak to Sankha Maya during a home visit.