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By Dr Will Dean

Oct 26th 2010

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Daily Danger

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Two friends of mine were in a road traffic accident on Saturday morning. The truck they were riding in was towing a minibus, which blew a tire and veered out of control, pulling the truck with them in it off the road, off a bridge and down a 4 metre drop into the river below. Thank God it was a river. And also thank God that they were all helped out of the water with just scratches and bruises. It could have been a lot worse. A lot. One was a teacher, the other was a doctor, both working at Nkhoma.

My good friend and colleague had cerebral malaria and a stroke nearly a year ago, and is still recovering. Two other work colleagues have had near death experiences on the roads in the past year. We have lost one member of staff to AIDS, very sadly just after I arrived. About once a month a member of staff at the Eye Hospital goes off sick with Malaria, and thank the Lord recovers after treatment. About once a week a member of staff is off for a day to attend a funeral in their village.