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Oct 21st 2013

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Mainstreaming disability in emergency response

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Video Transcript:

In Turkana County, there is a general lack of awareness among communities and health service providers on issues related to disability

Often, specialised services and care centres are not available to persons with disabilities and their rights to equal opportunities are compromised.

Persons with disabilities are more vulnerable due to deliberate social exclusion, discrimination and sexual exploitation.

Lack of access to public amenities for people with physical sensory or psychosocial disabilities is concerning.

This project sought to strengthen the capacity of existing health care systems, both at health facility and community levels, to improve the quality and accessibility of essential and emergency health and nutrition services.

The project also sought to improve systems of identification of persons  with disabilities and strengthen referral mechanisms to specialised care centres.

Linkages were created with Disabled Persons Organisations (DPOs), the local administration, community volunteers and Community Health Workers to promote awareness and advocate for acceptability and assistance to persons with disabilities.

Provision of assistive devices was also critical in supporting persons with disabilities in dire need of mobility.

The project enabled communities and families with persons living with disabilities integrate them into a more inclusive society, in which they can play a positive and active economic role.

Joseph is one of the many beneficiaries of this CBM intervention

[Joseph, Prosthesis beneficiary, Turkana County]

Since i received this prosthesis I don’t see myself anymore as a disabled person.

Now I am like anybody else, because I can take care of any task.

I can go to the river, collect firewood, run my shop with no help from others.

Before I was idle in the house asking myself who I was and what I was good for.

since I received this prosthesis my life has really changed. I run two different businesses,

I sell these hides and I can support my family.

I am very grateful for the help I received.

[Screen text]

CBM is committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and those at risk of disability in the developing countries of the world

Special thanks to

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Sep 14th 2011

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The economic impact of restoring vision

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For years, CBM has needed hard evidence on the economic impact of restoring vision, and now we have it.

A recently completed study in Kenya, Bangladesh and the Philippines showed that following a sight-restoring cataract operation, the average economic gain per family per year is £250. Not much by UK standards, but an awful lot of money for a Bangladeshi family.

Cataract screening campaign in Kenya

A Kenyan woman has her eyes examined for cataract. Photo: CBM.

It costs CBM about £20 to do one cataract surgery, so the return on investment is 1,500%!

In 2010, CBM and its local partners restored eyesight to 644,000 cataract blind people who would otherwise have remained blind, due to poverty. So a bit of maths shows that the global economic impact of CBM’s cataract surgical work comes in at about £160 million.  Not bad at all!

Now, we have to get the message across to governments that restoring vision benefits their economies!