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By Dr Will Dean

Nov 6th 2010

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Summer rains are coming

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Towards the end of November the rains start to arrive. There is a flurry of activity over the country as people prepare the fields for sowing. Many have already started.

Nature has amazing ways of announcing the last few weeks before the rains. Of course it is hot, but there are plenty more larger spiders, small scorpions (found one in the kitchen sink yesterday morning), snakes (nearly walked on one in the garden three nights ago), and ants. The flame or flamboyant trees are now in full bloom across the landscape. All this means the rains are close. And they can’t come too soon as it would be great to escape this heat! Well, to be honest, the rains can come too soon, and many villagers have to take chances on exactly when to sow the maize seedlings. If they sow even just a few weeks too soon, and the rains stop for a couple of weeks; they can lose everything.